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Why Do a Preseed Burn Off?

April 6, 2009

I get asked all of the time whether a grower should do a preseed burn off and my answer is always, “when do you want to spend your money? Up front or at spraying time.” I do get a lot of weird looks when I say that reply but it is true. I have walked too many fields that have flix weed bolting and eighteen whorl cleavers at the post emergent spray time all because the grower said there was nothing growing in the field and decided not to spray. With the preseed products that are now out there we can manage our chemical bill even closer. Many growers and myself included have seen where a good preseed burn off gave them a cheaper post emergent bill where they just had to use MCPA Ester at ten ounces or 2,4-D LV700 at six ounces to cover off the weed spectrum. Now is that every time? No, but everyone is asking me how to save some money this year and this may be one way to try for it. For those of you that have the great pleasure of working with cleavers just make sure to use a product that will give you some extra punch this spring. Glyphosate along is a very poor option when it comes to cleavers and I have pulled my hair out trying to kill these multi stem winter annuals that look like they came out of a horror movie. We do have some good post emergent chemicals for cleavers but it is still easier to kill a five whorl cleaver than a eighteen or twenty whorled one.

We have some great preseed products out there so lets take advantage of them. Talk to your retail and ask what products work the best for your situation.

Just remember, your shadow is the most important thing you can put on your fields this spring because a sixty mile per hour drive by could cost you more than you think.

Those are my thoughts,

Garth Donald C.C.A


Is Your GPS System Ready for Spring

April 2, 2009

Every year we get ready for seeding and spraying which means we make sure the oil is changed in the equipment, the seed is cleaned and treated and the crop plan is finalized. But the one thing that most growers forget to do until they make the first pass with the sprayer is to check to see if there are any updates for their GPS system.

Why is this important, well there are updates that come through no different than your computer at home. These updates are designed to help fix problems or make the system run more efficiently which in a short spring we want everything to go as smooth as possible. As most growers tell me, the phone calls from employee’s used to be the radio isn’t working or the seat won’t move up or down. But know as soon as they lose GPS signal there is a 5 alarm fire going off and we need to fix this now. One operator actually told me that he just stopped seeding because he lost signal. I asked him why and he told me that he didn’t want to have to correct his curvy lines in the field so he waited five minutes and went back at it. Now with all of this being said it just takes a quick call to your GPS provider to see if there are any updates. Most spring start up problems with our GPS systems are caused by missing new software updates and the system can’t read the new data it is receiving. So lets make our lives a little bit easier and straighter and make that call.

Larry Weber Comments on the USDA Planting Report

April 1, 2009

Yesterday the USDA planting intention report was released which has stirred lots of speculation about the future movement of of agricultural commodity price. On BNN yesterday Larry Weber of Weber Commodities spoke about the planting report and some of the ramifications. Larry speculates that Soybeans could be headed to 10-11 dollars per bushel this spring. With this report Larry believes that a floor has been established for soybeans at $9.50. As Larry notes in the video the reality will be a global acreage battle between corn and soybeans for the upcoming years.

According to the USDA’s report, there will have 6 million less corn acres in comparison to last year. Wheat acres are about where everyone expected. If you are interested in learning more about Larry Weber check out his website at