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Its Harvest Time

August 30, 2009

Its fall time and that means only one thing…… It’s harvest time. Harvest time is all about long hours, teamwork and lots of windshield time. To make sure that everyone is prepared I have embedded on of my harvest videos from YouTube which was produced by FarmallDiesel a farmer from Wisconsin. This video incorporates great song selection and a great plethora of video and still photos from the 2008 harvest. Amazingly this video has over 45,000 views. Enjoy the video and have a great harvest.

New Seeding Implements for 2010 Were Showcased at the Farm Progress Show in Regina

July 2, 2009

By: Garth Donald of Dynagra

The new seeding equipment was hot off the press at the Western Farm Progress Show two weeks ago in Regina. The biggest thing to come out for this next season is from Seed Hawk with their sectional control. Seed Hawk along with Raven industries have come up with a sectional controller system which will shut off both seed and fertilizer in overlapping situations very similar to most spraying systems. With savings of over 20% seen on the sectional sprayer controls, growers feel that they will see that type of savings on the drills. Raven have been making controllers for many years which will give reliability to this product which will also give them the ability to do variable rate in the next couple of years.
New Holland has just released their new version of a parallel link seeding system on their Slim platform for 2010. It is a new opener combination of seed on one side and a side band of fertilizer on the other side. The biggest advantage of this system is the transport width which is one of the narrowest in the industry with the potential of going to some of the largest seeding widths in the industry.

Bourgault and Morris were also showcasing there parallel linked seeding systems and there variable rate air carts. Both companies are using the Topcon X20 system for controlling their seeding system and variable rate systems which is very proven.

So what is the best system? Well, the one that fits your farm and soil type is the best system. There are pros and cons to every system but just make sure that it will perform the way you want it to.

Those are my thoughts,

Garth Donald C.C.A., Dynagra, Visit to inquire about DynagraVRT so that you can tap the full potential of your fields.

Seeding Videos to Get You in the Mood

May 5, 2009

Now that seeding is sort of underway across North America I thought I would highlight some YouTube videos that different famers have put together showcasing their seeding efforts. As you watch the videos you can see the pride that each has in their hard work and most importantly the color of the equipment.

I would encourage everyone to take video and pictures through the growing season and I will post the best ones for everyone to see. Have a great spring and good luck with seeding.

Canola School: Preparing Your Drill For Canola Planting

April 20, 2009

Before you ever leave the farm yard you better must make sure that your drill is ready for planting. Too many farmers across North America don’t go through the final checks to make sure that canola planting will be a success.  In this video Matt Stanford from the Canola Council of Canada walks us through drill preparation.